Sunday, July 5, 2009

Cap seller and monkeys story (Ver: 2.0)

A cap seller was living in a village, many years ago. Everyday, he walks to many towns to sell his caps. Sometimes, he had to pass through jungles too. One afternoon, after a heavy meal, the cap seller felt very sleepy. He lied down and had a nap under a big mango tree.

There were lots of monkeys on this tree. They saw the cap seller sleeping with his bag full of colorful caps nearby. One by one, the monkeys came down from the tree and took the caps. They put the caps in their heads, the same way the cap seller had. They were very happy.

When the cap seller woke up after sometime, he could not find any of the caps in his bag. He was terrified and looked around to see for his caps. He looked up and found the monkeys wearing all his caps.

He was very angry and raised his hands, as if to beat the monkey. The monkey also raised their hands to attack him back.

He threw a stone on the monkeys to scare them, but the monkeys also threw the mangos on him, with the same anger.

He was very upset, and threw his cap on the ground, out of disappointment. All the monkeys threw the caps on the ground, imitating him. The cap seller was very happy now. He collected all his caps, packed them back in his bag, and left the place.

Moral of the story: For every problem, there will be a solution. We need to keep trying until we succeed.

Part II:
Many years have passed. The cap seller’s grandson also got into the same business.
One after noon, he passed through the same jungle with his bag full of caps. He felt too tired too, and slept under a tree. When he woke up, he could not find any of his caps. The monkeys on the tree had taken all his caps from the bag, and were cheerfully wearing on their heads.

On seeing the monkeys wearing his caps, he felt very unhappy. He pleaded with the monkeys to return his caps. The monkeys also imitated the same way he pleaded.

He threw a stone on the monkeys; the monkeys threw the fruits at him. He now remembered what his grand father had told him about a similar incident. He now knows the monkeys will imitate what ever he does.

He waved his hands; the monkeys also waved their hands,
He danced; the monkeys also danced,
He blew his nose; the monkeys also blew their noses,
He touched his ear; the monkeys also touched their ears,

He removed the cap from his head and threw it on the ground; the monkeys also removed the caps from their heads, but put them back and laughed at him!

He was very confused. By the time, an old monkey from the tree climbed down, came near to him, slapped him on his face and told, “Do you think only YOU have a grand father?”

Moral of the story:
Old solutions will not always work for the old problems. We need to constantly look for new solutions (from the cap seller)
Listening to the elders will be rewarding! (from the monkeys)


  1. The second part is very amusing.

    Creating PAL ??? Very nice ;)

  2. the second part is very innovative

  3. Thankyou momma . Finally i finished my homework because your blog . Thankyou so much . From indonesia . ^^

    1. You are welcome Julistha. It is nice to see the stories I had written long back for my kids helped you to finish your homework. Hope you had also learned something from this stories. All the very best for your future home work!